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Eclipsethecat4 - Sonic Ship Kids by Lil--Angels
Eclipsethecat4 - Sonic Ship Kids
You got!...
3 Sonic Ship kids!

Tails X Staci, Male 
Physical Appearance: This guy has many, many fur bangs(?) on him because of Tails and Staci. Otherwise, he has Staci's fur color as well as absence of ears and a shirt tail. As from Tails, a fox tail, some white marks on his tail but a difference is that it's also on his bangs; blue eye and white muzzle.
Life: He's been around technology since his father is Tails, but also hangs around nature with his mother. If he had to choose, he has to choose nature. Just don't tell his dad...he tends to animals that are in need of help: either by food, absence of family, injury, or anything else. He has a heart of gold...
Comment: ...honestly he's adorable OoO

Knuckles X Tails, Female
Physical Appearance: This little lady has a color combination from Tails and Knuckles...well, kinda. She has red-orange fur, even though Tails is yellow but eh, doesn't she look better like this? Shows a bit more of Knuckles. Anyways, from Tails, she has fox ears, fur bangs, and a fox tail. From Knuckles, a skin tone muzzle, skin tone insides of her ear, short tail, and more of a green color for her eyes.
Life: She's always had a fascination with jewelry. Not because of how they shine kinda that but also what types there are and other reasons. So seeing this as an opportunity, Knuckles decided to teach her the history of Chaos Emeralds and the Master Emerald itself. He says that one day, when he dies, she must take over his duty to protect the be honest, she doesn't like that idea, so she's trying to think of alternatives. For now, she just studies types of gems and such. And doesn't help with Steven Universe. She watches it as much as she can...hoping that it's actually real. But eh, who knows? From Sonic being sucked into books and such, being told as stories from her uncle Sonic, anything can happen, right?
Comment: I'm uh...kinda watching Steven Universe as we speak so that's kinda the reason behind the life story.

Tikal X Galaxina, Male
Physical Appearance: From Galaxina, he has actual skin but also a flower and even a leaf on the right side of him. And there's also the gem but that's from both of them. A lapis or a sapphire; you choose. Or you can change it. From Tikal, her hair style as well as bandages on the said hair, jewelry, and tribal wear.</I>
Life: This guy is a chao lover; he's a sucker for them and tends to them all the time. He loves nature so he practically lives there, near the Master Emerald. As he duty to protect it, he also protects the chaos and nature itself. Some call him a hippy but nah. There's not much else to say, other than him being a happy go lucky guy but also very caring and can be shy. Depending on things....he can uh....get crushes kinda easily...
Comment: Honestly, I can redo his design if you'd like. I don't know if you like what he looks like so...also, he's an adorable bab so I uh...Maybe....Wanna ship QuQuUu
EclipsetheCat4 - Pufumis by Lil--Angels
EclipsetheCat4 - Pufumis
You got!...
Two Pufumis!

Yin Themed Pufumi: This guy is a cocky and happy type, whom loves to tease people to either make them a bit angry, to make them smile or to make them blush, hence the t-shirt saying "You're the yang to my yin". He's flirty as well, but he's very caring if anything happens. Otherwise, expect to be teased or pranked...
Comment: Honestly the shirt saying popped into my head QuQuUu

Yang Themed Pufumi: You guessed it, he's Yin's brother and is a grump. He doesn't like being around others and prefers to be in quiet places, either reading a book, writing, or anything else. He gets bothered by his brother though, which spoils the mood...don't expect a word from him anytime soon.
Comment: As on his shirt, there's an X mark which uh...yeaaaah he really does not like Yin...poor guy QnQ

Pufumis belongs to :iconkuroshin-sama:
What type of flower would a Tikal X Galaxina kid have? Or just tell me a random flower 
I need to ship Shemia so...who wants to pair their character up with a pink Kemonomimi dragon?
Here they come 
Sister Location
So I'm gonna point out some of the things in the trailer
So firstly, there's obviously voice acting, which is nice! Now we know what the new animatronics - well, at least one of them so far - will sound like. But also, it sounds like she (it's a she people because with voice acting we can confirm this) is saying 'don't run against us' or something like that. Basically saying that maybe don't believe what others are saying or just don't be on the opposite side. Now thinking about this, they may be saying this because of wanting to stuff you in a suit and to just not resist; let the joy of creation happen.
Now to animatronics, we can see - oh crap! PreMangle! Now we get to see what he (Scott confirmed it on FNaFWorld...? Eh who knows?) looked like before anything happened...or it PreMangle? For all we know it could be another copy of Mangle since we all know their first appearance was at (Toy) Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria. And the Phone Guy or Scott said himself that they've been there for a while. Then again, it says the bottom level. So who knows?
To the others, there's a ballerina, a bear, and a clown...? Looking at the colors and what they look like, I think we can say that these animatronics are supposed to lean towards females more than males. Well...other than the clown which probably scares a lot of people.
Otherwise, honestly I think the animatronics are I'm wanting to make FNaF kids again...hey I could do that but just make them kemonomimis o.o
Umm...moving on, to the location. It says bottom floor, as said before (hey I rhymed) so is it really? Eh I dunno. For now, we just look at secrets.
The office is a circle and you can move around I'm pretty sure. Maybe like FNaF 4 or maybe it's even free roam? least in the office. It looks advanced in there so maybe the Fazbear company is trying again for this animatronic thing to work. You can go into the vent which is unknown why. Maybe you go in there to check on an animatronic? Is the Marionette back? 
Who is Baby? Spoilers this is said in FNaF World if you go into a house. The man says he named her Baby and there's a teaser about the Sister Location. And 8-BitGaming has said it themselves with Razzbowski and Dawnko (...I think I spelt their names wrong QnQ) that for all we know, this may not be Baby. It could be the bear, the ballerina...maybe even an animatronic we haven't been introduced to yet...but for now, many people are calling the animatronic we have seen the most the name: Baby the Clown.
Finally, how would this work? Did Purple Guy or his brother Pink Guy (heh...I'm sorry QnQ) kill 5 (more) kids? Is this event going to repeat? I'd like to see what Scott has in store.
So now we wait until Fall...wait Fall? Why Scott why? QMQ I have to go back to school during then man! I-I got engineering to do....oh maybe I can try to make my own....that is when, you know...I can actually program stuff.....
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